If you have no time to manage your website and social media channel(s) and/or if you simply want to build up your mailing list, the STEPuP Now ADVANCED Package is for you!

Depending on what and where you need us to be, you get the following deliverables with this offer.

1.Email marketing, newsletters & mailing list

2.Social media channel management services

3.Web content management services

Below you can find more details, estimated pricing and procedures on how it works to help you choose which one(s) work best for you.

Web Content & Social Media ManagementContent Marketing

Our goal is to help you cut your to-do list short and have more time to focus on building your core business.

Allow us to do the following and save yourself tons of work to get best results!

  1. Website assessment for functionality and compatibility
  2. Social media inventory and evaluation
  3. Set up Analtics tools (if none installed on website)
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Regular monitoring of web traffic
  6. Website updates

Our goal is to help reach out to your target audience and build up your mailing list by maximizing the use of newsletters or email marketing.

Allow us to do the following and save yourself tons of work to get best results!

  1. Review of content strategy in place
  2. Consolidate and organize all needed information, including text and accompanying images plus links
  3. Construct or design layout, style and formatting (when necessary)
  4. Write textual content for emails and newsletters
  5. Build up your mailing list


How does it work

  1. Book now for your free consultation to assess needs (30 minutes- 1 hour)
  2. Schedule a meeting (in person or online) to determine details of agreed platforms, timelines, frequency of publication and other necessary setups. (1-3 hours)
  3. You will receive a written agreement, which you have to confirm by signing the document.
  4. (a) Content publishing begins based on what’s agreed upon, (b) content management on website and social media begins based on what’s agreed upon, or (c) content marketing and management of website plus selected social media channel begins according to signed agreement.

Save yourself tons of work. Get best results. Save up to €1300+!

Contact us now & get started!