This complete package gives you:

  • Your well-documented content strategy that maps out your strategic plan and clear steps for the next 12 months based on your aligned goals and end user’s needs
  • Written editorial strategy that (1) defines your branding, voice and style, (2) outlines your themes of topics and (3) establishes your workflow
  • Written execution plan or chart with timeline and target date(s) of completion
  • The actual content material(s), information product(s) or multimedia item(s) you asked for
  • Content made visible to target customers or end users, primarily via email marketing or newsletter
  • Re-sharing material on selected social media channel(s)
  • Setup of needed tools or platforms (e.g. MailChimp)
  • Monthly management of your website and/or selected social media channel(s), which include web content update and links check to ensure all web pages and content materials are functioning properly
  • 2 well-written evaluation reports of user feedback and analysis of website traffic (one after 6 months and another one after completion of 12-month content strategy plan)
  • Recommended changes in any of the following: content strategy, editorial policy or web design (if necessary)
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Your 12 Guide Steps to Accomplishment

  1. Book now for your free consultation to assess needs (30 minutes- 1 hour)
  2. Schedule a meeting (in person or online) for an in-depth discussion and/or brainstorming session to ensure everything is aligned and in agreement. (3 hours)
  3. By the end of the 1st week following the 3-hour meeting, you will receive the first version of your documented content strategy for review.
  4. Both parties shall coordinate to ensure that necessary changes or desired modifications are addressed before finalizing the document for signing.
  5. Finalize and sign the documented content strategy ready for execution.
TIP: Wait no more! Book now for your free consultation to assess your content needs.

6. You will receive the version 1 of the content material you asked for for your review 1 or 2 weeks after the agreement has been signed (depending on the type of content required).

7. Both parties shall coordinate via email, phone call or in-person meeting to ensure that necessary changes or desired modifications are addressed before revision takes place. (This package includes 1x revision only).

8. You will receive final copy of required content 2-5 (depends on the changes needed) days after clarifications of necessary revisions have been made.

TIP: Know what you want and don't be afraid to ask.

10. Content management on website and social media begins based on what’s agreed upon.

TIP: Repeat Step 7-10 for every agreed content to be produced.

11. Evaluate results of entire content strategy, including analysis of content materials produced after 6 months and 12 months.

12. You will receive a well-written evaluation report of user feedback and analysis of website traffic to sum up and conclude your 12-month content strategy planning and execution.

TIP: Renew your contract.

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