STEPuP Now  is a series of learning opportunities designed for you, my fellow solo entrepreneurs, who want to attract your ideal clients through your online presence, and therefore, want to master the use of the latest online tools for efficiency, automation and familiarity with the tech side of your business.

By knowing what these tools are and how you can apply them for your business, you can be in a much better position to automate and simplify your own business processes.

You can cut your to-do list short and save yourselves the extra time you need to focus on building your core business.

Join me on this journey, and I look forward to a fun learning experience with you!


Myra Colis

Your STEPuP Trainer


I started out as a journalist, gathering information, writing and reporting for a daily radio newscast. Then I shifted my career path to teaching English as a second language to students of all ages, from the little ones learning their ABCs to employees looking to improve their business English skills.

Years later I found myself back into writing and creating content for companies in the healthcare and business sectors. From then on, I’ve advanced to the role of planning for the entire content calendar and producing information products.

Overall, I’ve gained 15 years of professional experience in careers involving information, learning, research, data analysis, marketing and communications.

I’ve always dreamed of having my own school, a center for learning that is geared towards helping individuals achieve their full potential, follow their dreams and be the best of what they can be through entrepreneurship. But that wasn’t easy for me to pursue because I was preoccupied with the day-to-day work of a content manager.

The time came when I had only 2 choices to make: (1) Leave the comfort of a high-paying job and move to the Netherlands for love, or (2) Stay single, career-focused and financially independent in Shanghai! I opted for the first one, and that’s when I see the opportunity to follow my dream. Six months after I moved to the Netherlands in 2012, I started my own company, E3 Data Intelligence Services.

Despite the challenges and difficulties of running my own business, I have no regrets taking this path at all.

I now work with aspiring startups and solo entrepreneurs who want to attract clients through their online presence but don’t have the time, technical skills, know-how, and even the patience to handle the tech aspects of their business.

I love working with data, building websites, managing content, producing marketing materials, and yes, all sort of troubleshooting that come with these. So I also help them handle the time-consuming technical issues in order for them to have the time they need to focus on what they love doing best.

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I can create content for both print and online publications, marketing collaterals and communication materials. Specifically, I write news, reviews, press releases, reports and feature articles to help individuals, companies or organizations get their messages across.

I’m experienced in delivering written content in different formats, including that of a newsletter, magazine, video or  PowerPoint presentation.

In addition, I can produce copyright free photographs or accompanying images to add greater impact and aesthetic value to any content she delivers.

Prior to writing is data gathering, which is one of the steps I enjoy doing. I collect data via desk research, surveys and direct interviews with target groups.

For market research assignments, I typically prefer organizing events such as trainings, workshops, roundtables or seminars to gather first hand information, direct feedback and qualitative data from target groups. This way, I can deliver content of high quality and solid answers to help decision makers find better solutions.

As the demand grows for digital content and online information products, so are my skills, knowledge, experience and interest in content management.

As your ultimate content developer, I can build websites and work on content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla. I understand that strengthening your online presence and visibility in the market is one of the fundamental purposes of having a website, and therefore, strategic content planning is at the core of my content management services.

Furthermore, I can craft content for your website promotions, online campaigns or communications for your social media channels.